8 months technique program for followers, suitable for dancers all level (lang: Turkish, no drop in)

solo technique

Weekly technique class for followers, all level (language: English, French, Turkish) drop in possible

online workout

Follower technique online seminars for all levels, different subject at each seminar (Turkish only)

private classes (appointment)

Tailor made classes, flexible schedule, for followers & leaders, all levels (beginner to pro). 1 student or 1 couple (English, French, Turkish)

Group class for couples

Weekly classes in Istanbul for Intermediate & advanced level leaders & followers, no partner required (English, French, Turkish)

YouTube Tango Practice

Online videos, exercises, explanations & technique classes to practice by yourself, free &/or with paying memberships options (English)

Vanessa Gauch

“Helping students progress on their tango journey is one of the most rewarding feeling”

— Vanessa Gauch

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